Making Enterprise Digital Signage Easy


MediaVue offers an integrated platform designed to deploy, operate, and grow enterprise digital signage networks globally.

What are the Major Components of the MediaVue Platform?

We make digital media players that are designed from the start to power digital signage screens – from single screens to the largest LED and multi-display video walls, delivering the highest quality images, reliably and securely.


We make meeting room panels powered by specially designed Linux- or Windows-based PC's that integrate seamlessly into your digital signage network.


We make Active Network Manager, software that actively and intelligently manages all the operations of players, connected displays, and other devices so that digital signage networks can be efficiently deployed, successfully operated, and maintained under real–world conditions.

Efficient & secure deployment of large signage networks

How widely used is the MediaVue Platform?

  • Travelers are greeted by digital displays and kiosks powered by MediaVue at airports in North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East

  • Shoppers experience MediaVue-powered video walls and product displays at malls in London, Paris, Dubai, and Riyadh

  • At museums, aquariums, restaurants, and other public spaces, MediaVue products display stunning 4k images and video – often making the inside feel like outside

Designed for Digital Signage

The components of the MediaVue platform are designed and built specifically for digital signage. They will work together reliably and securely, now and in the future.

Active Management of your Signage Network

Digital signage is an interdependent system of hardware and software components that need to work  together – smoothly and reliably. Unlike when you have a problem with your PC or laptop network, there is no <RESET> button to press. MediaVue’s Active Network Manager addresses that problem, continuously monitoring your network – players, displays, software, other components, and connectivity. It not only helps solve problems in real time, but also keeps a paper trail of lesser incidents so that you can stop them from happening again.

Logan Airport | Boston

MediaVue's Active Network Manager

The Knowledge & Expertise to Make you Successful

Retailers, financial institutions, airports, even ultra-secure government facilities rely on the MediaVue platform to securely manage their digital signage systems.


Even if this is your first experience with digital signage, it is not ours. The MediaVue team has decades of accumulated digital signage experience. We will be at your side throughout your journey. 

MediaVue Lab | Boston

Deployed in 80+ countries
Standard of Global 500 companies
Wide range of industries
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