Active Network Manager

Signage is different; you need a management tool designed specifically for Digital Signage

Digital signage can be an extremely effective tool to communicate with and engage with customers, staff, and visitors, from a few at a time or thousands at a time. But, in order to be successful, signage networks need to operate reliably and efficiently.


While they both involve computers and displays, digital signage networks are different from traditional desktop computing in some important ways:


Software that actively manages the operations of your entire digital signage network


This includes players, meeting room panels, displays, and connected devices. It operates continuously, enabling you to deploy, secure, operate, and maintain your network under real-world conditions.

  • Digital Signage is an interdependent system of multiple hardware and software components. All elements need to work properly for the system to function.

  • Digital Signage runs continually, is deployed across wide geographic areas, and can be the target of a broad range of security threats.

Player Page_ANM_2.0.png
  • Momentary problems – the loss of power or communications, a break in communications, a content playback error, changes to system configurations – can trigger problems that continue long after the original cause has passed. How do you figure out what happened when the “fingerprints” are long gone?

  • There is no <RESET> button to press when something goes wrong. 

To address these different conditions, a new tool is needed to provide network management, one designed specifically to manage the precise needs of digital signage. And it has been provided by Mediavue Systems.

What can you accomplish using ANM?

I. Organize your Digital Signage Network

  • ANM enables you to organize complex network organizations and hierarchies so that they can be managed easily and flexibly.

  • ANM enables you to schedule system actions and updates for single players or flexibly define them for groups of players.

  • ANM provides powerful and flexible role-based user access and controls that can be set for each system user

  • ANM supports flexible, comprehensive lifecycle asset management:  commissioning / decommissioning / repositioning.

II. Operate and Maintain your Network

  • ANM continuously monitors 200+ data points per minute gathered from each media player, its software, connected displays and other hardware, power, communications, and more – alerting and responding as situations arise.  Specific alerts are sent if problems arise that require management attention.

  • ANM turns the concept of Tier Zero Support into a reality, doing away with the delays and wait times typically associated with Tier One or Tier Two technical support.

  • ANM answers the question, “Are my displays working?” on demand. It provides direct control of attached displays including setting and maintaining configurations and operating schedules. It also captures screenshots on demand. 

  • ANM’s unique Compliance Mode can set and maintain configurations across an entire network.  

  • ANM maintains a complete user history and audit trail.

III. Secure your Network

  • ANM enables flexible, role-based permissions to be set and controlled for each user.

  • ANM provides highly secured and encrypted connections between the network server and individual players for device control and updates. 

  • ANM can be delivered as a cloud service or installed on premises.


Why You Need ANM

ANM enables you to roll out and maintain sophisticated digital signage solutions across multiple offices, countries, and geographies. It easily pays for itself over time by reducing operating costs,  maximizing uptime, and increasing the ROI of your digital signage investment.

Subscription Information
ANM Subscriptions are offered for three (3) years and include:

  • Continuous intelligent network monitoring and management

  • Batch management of updates

  • Organization of people and players into multiple networks with flexible permissions layers

  • On-demand screen capture

  • Screen control

  • Troubleshooting assistance

  • Compliance Mode ®

  • Secure execution facility

  • Software rollback capabilities (with restrictions)

  • Active Network Manager support via email, phone, and web conferencing