Active Network Manager

Efficiently and securely deploy, operate and support large, distributed digital signage networks 

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Made possible by MediaVue's Active Network Manager

Traditional tools, such as remote desktops, are too slow to react, provide too little information, and are too insecure to meet the needs of a dynamic signage network in today’s world.

Digital signage today is an interdependent system of multiple hardware and software components. It runs continually, is deployed across wide areas, and can be the target of a broad range of security threats. There is no one to press <RESET> when something goes wrong. A different set of conditions requires a different set of tools.  

Monitor and manage players and networks

Successfully grow your network

Reduce staffing burden

TIER ZERO does not just wait for problems to happen and then simply send messages that there is trouble.  TIER ZERO continually gathers more than 200 data points per minute, per player, covering not only the player and installed software but also connected displays and other peripherals.

TIER ZERO enables you to successfully grow your network and its functionality as needs change and opportunities arise.

TIER ZERO employs digital intelligence and speed to increase the impact of your limited staff and fills the void when and where no staff exists.

Maintain robust security

TIER ZERO maintains robust security at every level of network operation, for every device at every moment.


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Batch processes

Actions can be applied to an entire network or to a flexibly defined group of players.

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Display control

Configure and control displays and other attached peripherals

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Secure control layer

Hands-free remote recovery of any system software fault.  No more service calls for hung players.  

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Compliance Mode

Set and maintain network, player and attached display configurations

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Cloud or on-prem

Active Network Manager is available as a cloud service or an on-premises installation. 

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