About Us

MediaVue is on a mission to make enterprise digital signage easy for companies
of all sizes, descriptions, and geographies.

From offices in Boston and Dubai, MediaVue supports customers in a wide variety of industries by providing them with better and easier solutions for enterprise digital signage. Our global deployments feature specially-engineered digital media players and meeting room panels, active network management software, enterprise services and platform support. With teamwork and innovation, we have created the MediaVue platform – trusted by global enterprises in over 75 countries. 

Boston, Massachusetts
United Arab Emirates 

Our History

MediaVue Co-Founders Erik & David DeGiorgi

The father-and-son team of David and Erik DeGiorgi came up with the idea for MediaVue in 2007.  They began with the idea of a fanless digital media player and that grew over time into a complete family of SureVue players.  But we realized that building top-performing media players and providing support was not enough.  We needed an entire platform.  So we added Active Network Manager software to our offering so customers could reliably deploy digital signage networks comprised of hundreds and sometimes thousands of digital media players.  That comprehensive offering has worked remarkably well over the years. Today, in fact, more than 50,000 SureVue media players are installed around the world. 

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