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Mediavue supports corporations and government agencies by providing better and easier solutions for enterprise digital signage.


Our global deployments feature specially-engineered digital media players and meeting room panels, active network management software, enterprise services and platform support

Mediavue Systems was launched in 2007 to deliver one of the first digital media players. Starting with one of the first high-performance, fan-less designs and continuing with some of the first multi-output systems, we established a reputation for innovation, product quality, and customer support.

Mediavue maintains offices in Boston, USA as well as
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
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Mediavue receives "Manufacturer of the Year" award from State Senator Patrick O'Connor (2nd from left)

Early on, Mediavue realized that the successful deployment of digital signage relied on a proper and thorough integration of hardware, software, and network infrastructures – at times across thousands of locations around the world. Successful deployments require tools that are purpose-built to that task.

This led to the development of Active Network Manager which enables digital signage networks to grow and operate reliably, efficiently, and securely under constantly changing real-world conditions. By combining the ANM platform with Active Support and Enterprise Services, we are able to deliver installation-ready SureVue players directly to their final locations and ensure their success from day one.  

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