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Our platform is an integrated set of products and services that are used to efficiently and securely to deploy, operate, and grow digital signage networks.

SureVue Media Player

Powerful and reliable digital media players

Active Network Manager

Actively manages all the operations of players


Protect against threats and deliver improvements

Enterprise Services

Simplify deployments and reduce costs

MediaVue Platform

The foundation for digital signage success

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The MediaVue Difference

One simple platform to achieve signage success

Actively managed

Digital signage is often installed in distant locations where there is no one watching to see if it working properly or to press RESET if it is not. Our software actively manages your network, monitors conditions to prevent problems and solves them when they occur.  Your costs and stress go down. Your user satisfaction goes up.

Purpose-built for digital signage

Digital signage is a complex system of interconnected parts that work together for the system to function. The components of our system are designed and built for digital signage from the start. Be confident that all of the pieces will work together reliably and securely, now and in the future.

Secured throughout

Security is not added-on to the MediaVue platform. It is built-in from the start, into our players, our software and the networks they create.  Our platform is continually being updated in response to new threats as they emerge. 

You are not alone

Digital signage is different from desktops, servers, and other computer environments.  Successful digital signage programs require special knowledge and experience in order to succeed.  Our decades of accumulated digital signage experience are at your side throughout your journey. 

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