Enterprise Services

Enterprise Services is a set of factory configuration and other enhanced services designed to meet the particular needs of global, enterprise-level customers. They simplify initial deployments and post-deployment support, reducing complexity and costs and saving time. Enterprise Services are built upon the foundation of SureVue Media Players, MediaVue Support and Active Network Manager. 

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Custom OS

Custom OS's can be created for all your project and environmental needs 

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Content pre-loading 

Pre-loaded content for streamlined deployment

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Pre-configured Settings

Pre-configured settings done on a project basis without a full Custom OS 

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ANM - Player organization and licensing mangement

Organization of the ANM account with player placement and license management pre and post-shipment.

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Global in-person training

MediaVue provides pre-sale project consultation for guided success.

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Digital and Physical player tagging with serial records

Pre noted tags for players in ANM and on physical players 

Full details on serial numbers, mac address, and warranty expiration dates for players shipped