The Mediavue Platform

Laying the Foundation for your Digital Signage Success

The Mediavue Platform is an integrated system of hardware and software – SureVue media players, SureVue meeting room panels, and the Mediavue Operating System (MVOS) – purpose-built for digital signage.  Together, they provide the reliability, performance and security required to deploy and operate enterprise–scale signage networks. MediaVue makes sure that all the parts – Mediavue firmware, CMS’s, operating systems, hardware drivers, browsers – work together as a unified solution.

Hardware and software – together

“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” Steve Jobs quoting computer pioneer Alan Kay at the launch of the iPhone as one of the reasons that Apple built a revolutionary phone rather than just write the software.


Mediavue is just as serious about digital signage. From the chip to the button push, SureVue players and the entire Mediavue platform are designed from the ground up for digital signage.   


Who makes sure that an automatic update or change to one part of the digital signage network does not result in blank screens, error messages, or security risks? We do.

Digital signage players combine multiple independent software elements – operating systems, firmware, browsers, content management systems (CMS), and more – each provided by a separate vendor. 


We have all heard the term “content curator” on the Internet, someone who continually finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on a topic. In the Mediavue context, curation is the continuous process of updating the many individual and independent pieces of a media player’s software and ensuring that they all work together reliably and securely. And all of this done before the updates are deployed.  


The Mediavue difference.

Mediavue integrates leading content management systems, supporting applications, displays and specialty hardware into a single integrated system. We do all of this so that your digital signage network “just works.”


Our digital signage systems are then deployed and operated with Active Network Manager. Further, they are supported by a global network of trained and experienced integrator partners.


All of this is backed by the experienced Mediavue design and support teams.  When you call, we answer.