Digital Signage Brings Italy's Umbria Region to Las Vegas

The Fresco Italiano restaurant inside the Westgate Hotel has enhanced the dining experience by bringing a taste of Italy's Umbria Region into the restaurant– using digital signage.

The Torre Mapfre Building – A Landmark on Barcelona's Waterfront

It's a famous landmark on the Barcelona waterfront. It's owned by Mapfre Insurance. And the contemporary lobby displays are powered by Mediavue.

Mediavue Powers
Video Wall for Tata Motors

Tata Motors is an Indian auto maker based in Mumbai. Mediavue was proud to help them showcase a particular vehicle through a larger than life video wall.

Mediavue Powers
Way Finding at Aventura Mall

Aventura is one of Florida's top five shopping malls. Mediavue powers wayfinding software developed by CMA. This resource helps visitors find their way among 300 stores and eateries.

Mediavue &
The North Face

It's one of the world's most iconic brands. The digital displays at their Futures Store in Palo Alto, CA are powered by MediaVue digital players and Appspace CMS software.

SeaWorld shows people the life that's contained within the world's oceans. MediaVue helps to keep that marine life in motion on digital screens throughout the park. The solution features CMS software from Appspace.

MediaVue Keeps
SeaWorld in Motion

Mediavue Drives Displays at London Heathrow Airport

Mediavue digital media players are serving more than 18 million people annually at London Heathrow's Terminal 2. Digital players by Mediavue, CMS software by Scala.

Enhancing the Shopping Experience at Marks & Spencer

Digital signs powered by Mediavue are well integrated at the Marks & Spencer store in Amsterdam. They are helping to deliver a superior shopping experience. Mediavue players drive CMS software by InStore Media.

Digital Signage Dominates at UK's Westfield Stratford Mall 

Westfield Stratford is certainly one of the world's most contemporary shopping malls. Digital signage powered by Mediavue and featuring Appspace CMS software is located all throughout, often at very large scale.

Mediavue Offers Glimpse of Future at Mall of Emirates

At the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, Mediavue  worked alongside CMS partner Appspace to deliver a cutting-edge shopping experience.

Mediavue Powers Cutting-edge Digital Academy

Check out this education center in Riyadh dedicated to digital technology. Digital Players by Mediavue Systems and CMS software by Appspace worked together beautifully.

Mediavue Gives Boost to Outdoor Signage

MediaVue players are driving outdoor digital signs across No. America, Europe, & the Mideast. Digital Players by Mediavue Systems and CMS software by Appspace.

Mediavue Powers
Two-story Digital Display at NYC's Newmark Building

The Newmark Building on Park Avenue features a hard to miss digital sign in its lobby – one that spans two floors. And it's powered by Mediavue.

Mediavue Gives Saudi British Bank (SABB)
a Digital Signage Edge

SABB has been a fixture in the Saudi banking industry for more than 40 years. But it's staying on top of digital signage technology.

Mediavue Drives Elaborate Digital Displays at First Abu Dhabi Bank

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has also been making investments in banking technology -as evidenced by the cutting edge experience you can now have at First Abu Dhabi Bank.


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