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Enterprise-level security, uninterrupted operations, and simplified management for digital signage networks

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Active Network Manager

Active Network Manager enables you to efficiently and securely deploy, operate and support large, distributed digital signage networks under challenging,  real-world conditions.  By managing all the operations of players and connected devices, it prevents and automatically corrects problems when possible, while providing information and tools that enable remaining problems to be fixed with minimum downtime and cost. 


SureVue Media Players

SureVue Media Players combine the flexibility of a PC with the ease of use and reliability of a dedicated appliance. The SureVue Operating Platform integrates Linux and Windows operating systems with industry-leading content management systems and highly-optimized system software.

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SureVue D1

Designed for premium performance yet compact in size. Runs Linux or Windows 10. SureVue D1 is capable of powering one display at 4K or two displays at 1080p. POE+ optional.


Platform Support

Platform support features a compre-hensive program of updates including SureVue Operating Platform maintenance releases, security updates, operating system and content management system updates, and feature enhancements. It also provides access to direct support from MediaVue’s team of technical specialists.

Enterprise Services

MediaVue Enterprise Services is a set of factory configuration and enhanced services designed to meet the more demanding needs of global, enterprise-level customers.  Built upon the foundation of SureVue Media Players, Platform Support and Active Network Manager,   Enterprise Services simplify initial deployments and post-deployment support, reducing complexity and costs and saving time. 

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