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HB Communications, a leading audio-visual solutions integrator, is committed to investing time and effort into communicating better. The recent renovation of their headquarters in North Haven, Connecticut is an outstanding example of how smarter AV solutions empower big results. When company leaders decided to invest in their own AV ecosystem as part of last year’s major renovation, they planned for an enormous, high-definition video wall to be a part of the solution. Their revitalized corporate headquarters is both a functional example of the power of digital transformation for their employees and serves as an inspiration for all clients and vendors who visit. At the heart of HB’s HQ is “The Hub,” a large, open room that serves as a collaboration space, event venue, cafe, and social area. The technology for this multi-purpose environment enables HB to transform it as needed. The centralized “brain” that brings employees, vendors, and visitors together in the hub delivers stunning visuals which are powered by the SureVue platform.


The Challenge

Company leaders first set out to evaluate their needs for culture, productivity, and space. Their thorough analysis included a survey of employee opinions and experiences with their existing resources to facilitate internal communications with collaboration technologies and meeting spaces. Their analysis found most employees felt their current communication systems were not enhancing collaboration. The office spaces

were outdated and in need of modernizing and interdepartmental communications needed to improve. The upcoming digital transformation project presented an opportunity to make improvements in many areas, starting with modernizing the office space. HB’s leaders were aiming to increase their team’s morale and productivity with digital and stylistic enhancements.

The Solution

The focal point of “The Hub” is a 24-screen video wall that celebrates client successes, recent news, and organizational achievements. It is powered by one SureVue D6 media player. The SureVue’s capacity for varied content as well as the staging of the video wall make it functional in a variety of ways; an operational command center, a visual aid for presentations, a piece of the outside indoors, a giant screen to watch sports or movies, and a functional piece of digital art. The content is run through the Appspace’s Content Management System, which is integrated into the SureVue D6. The D6 enables any type of content to be displayed on the wall, from enterprise TV, ambient nature scenes, to a stunning backdrop for a CEO announcement or guest speaker. The SureVue D6 enables seamless playback and uninterrupted operations with advanced capabilities for HD video. Server-grade hardware components and purpose-built software make enterprise-grade video wall performance an every-day luxury.

New D6 Cutout copy.png


Samsung 8 x 4 LCD Displays

Mediavue D6 players 


Mediavue Operating System

Active Network Manager

Appspace CMS


The Solution

Dubbed “The Audiovisual Ecosystem,” HB’s new amenities are used daily by their team, clients, vendors, and visitors. Their SureVue D6 player functions beautifully to engage and inform hundreds of viewers daily. Simplified player health management with Mediavue’s Active Network Manager ensures the IT operations team can remotely manage, monitor, and secure the SureVue platform at all times. HB Communications and Mediavue partner to develop innovative solutions to achieve results. Contact Mediavue or HB Communications to learn more.

 “If you focus on communication and experience, that's going to lead you to the technology solution that really improves the way you operate”

- Dan Barron, VP of Marketing

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