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How to choose displays for digital signs

LED displays are more affordable than ever, and with new innovations like OLED double-sided displays, transparent LED displays, and advances in touch screen technology, have created an exciting time to develop a digital sign network. Selecting the proper display vendor for your network is essential for long-term success.  

Consumer vs. Commercial Grade Displays  

There is a significant cost difference between consumer and commercial grade LED displays, but there are long-term benefits in investing in a commercial grade option. To put it simply, commercial grade displays last longer and have a superior image quality in the long-run.  

Due to their reinforced casings and higher-quality components, commercial grade displays can withstand exposure to high temperatures, grease, dust, or chemicals in the air. The stronger materials used also contribute to a much longer life-span of the display.   

Important Features 

The higher price tag of the commercial display often includes the option of RS-232, which is an advanced capability that allows two-way communication between the display and any connected devices to assist with troubleshooting and diagnostics.  

We suggest selecting displays and media players with RS-232 control (like the SureVue) so you can manage the entire network remotely. Investing in this capability will save costs overtime because remote control capability will reduce the need to dispatch a technician to the site for repairs, monitoring, or maintenance.  

We recommend commercial displays from NEC or Samsung, and touch screens from TSI Touch.  

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