Perot Museum created an engaging visual result with MediaVue

Redesigning the Museum Experience

This initiative was to redesign the Perot Museum of Nature and Science’s Being Human Hall, keeping in mind Perot Museum’s initiative to keep content “fresh, relevant, and exciting” and their vision of being an accessible resource that serves their community (

Thought-Provoking Challenges

Typically, museums display content in a printed format that serves as context for exhibits, wayfinding, or general museum information. The Perot Museum posts English and Spanish content side-by-side in these use cases.


The Perot Museum team set out to create a more dynamic and sleek environment that

challenges the convention of presenting bilingual information and content in the museum space.

Partner in Problem Solving

The Perot Museum’s Chief Operating Officer, Dave Humphries, reports that, “the innovative solution that MediaVue created, provided us with a final interactive and engaging visual result that is truly spectacular. Most of all, what was impressive was the willingness of MediaVue to try new things that others have not yet done, and implement those ideas quickly.”


“I know our use cases were challenging, yet the outcome is simple, interesting, and runs smoothly. We could not have done this with any other organization. MediaVue’s quick response, creativity, and perseverance are greatly appreciated,” says Dave Humphries. Support was readily available to assist with this unique project and Engineering delivered creative solutions specifically to their needs. Just because the solution didn’t already exist did not mean it was the end of the road; MediaVue Engineering took the time to respond to the customer to ensure that their goals were met with no exceptions. In the process, MediaVue delivered a stronger solution and the Perot Museum delivered an exceptional visitor experience.

A Modern Exhibit for a Modern Audience

The Being Human Hall guides visitors through the science of human evolution, biology, and physiology. In addition to hands-on exhibits, thirteen interactive stations, consisting of 55 inch Samsung 4K screens controlled by landscape Mimo Monitor touch displays, present visitors with curated “stories” relating to human science. Each station has a portrait Samsung screen displaying two “story” options. Using the Mimo Monitor touch display, the viewer can toggle between both stories and change the language from English to Spanish. There is a MediaVue D4 at each station powering both the portrait screen and landscape tablet.


Samsung 55 inch monitors

Mimo touch tablets

MediaVue D4 players 

Creative Engineering

The two main objectives with this project were streamlining the handling of multiple screens with differing orientations from one device and running an auxiliary touch screen that controlled the content on another screen.

D4 players are already optimized to handle multiple screens at different orientations. Even though other digital signage solutions require a player for each screen, only one MediaVue player was needed at each station as it can manage multiple screens. 

Running an auxiliary touch screen that would control the output of content was not originally a feature of the MediaVue platform. However, the MediaVue Engineering Team quickly worked to address the challenge for the Museum. The resolution to this issue was not impossible, it just took a bit more custom engineering and design to make happen. Within a short period of time, the MediaVue Engineers responded by building and implementing a solution that allowed the Perot Museum to carry out their idea as planned.

Vision for the Future with Digital Signage

The Perot Museum is looking into revamping other halls and parts of the museum with MediaVue technology. Given how seamlessly this initial project worked, they are looking to expand the languages provided to reach more of their audience. The digital signage has not only proven to be more immersing for visitors, but it also allows the Perot Museum to make updates to their content instantly, without having to spend time and money on reprinting and reinstalling. 

 “The innovative solution that MediaVue created, provided us with a final interactive and engaging visual result that is truly spectacular.”

- Dave Humphries, COO of Perot Museum

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