Selecting software for a digital signage network

Software for Content and Management  

Successful digital signage networks use both a content management software and a player management software. Both are recommended for long-term growth and maximized performance.  

Every successful digital sign network needs a clear content strategy. There are nearly endless possibilities for content for digital signs. It is important to select a content management software that will support your goals for content delivery.  

Content Management Software 

Also known as a CMS, content management software enables users to create digital signs and deploy them quickly. CMS applications can be used to create content and distribute it as necessary. Many CMSs have pre-created templates for content, pre-loaded widgets for weather, clocks, and calendars, and a variety of options for designing content. There are free CMS programs and programs that require a monthly license fee. We recommend shopping around to try to identify the CMS that will be right for your team.  

It is important to recall that not every single digital media player works with every CMS. Most digital media player companies have a few chosen CMS companies that they work with. The SureVue Platform is integrated with Appspace.   Appspace is a leading CMS option offering digital signage, enterprise TV, room scheduling, collaboration displays, and kiosks.  

Player Management Software 

The ability to remotely control media players and connected displays and accessories will save time and energy because management software often eliminates the need to dispatch a technician to the site. An advanced system with RS-232 control displays and connected accessories can be completely remotely monitored and managed using software like MediaVue’s Active Network Manager.  

Active Network Manager also collects 200+ data points per minute per player and presents these insights to give operators unprecedented visibility into the operational condition of the digital sign ecosystem. ANM also sends real-time alerts if there is an issue so you can respond to errors faster. 

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