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Top tips for successful digital signs

The Bottom Line   

Choosing the right solution to implement for digital signs is essential for the long-term success of the project. We advise investing in a long-term solution that can be scaled and managed effectively over time. 


Beyond considering the overall budget for the project, it is important to assess the ability of the program to adapt to new challenges, integrate new hardware and software, and monitor the network over time. For example, your content strategy for 2020 may only include text and images, but in 2021 you’d like to include HD video content. Digital media players and commercial grade displays last between three and five years, so it is important to think ahead.


Simple projects like text-only signs can be supported by simple solutions, like the Google Chromecast. More complex digital signs that will have layered content or ultra-HD video will require a heftier solution like the SureVue.  


Here are a few guidelines to follow for successful digital signs.  

  1. Always use commercial grade displays 

  2. Protect the media player from interference

  3. Test the content before you invest in a solution  

  4. Use a power line conditioner and a UPS system 

  5. Ensure there is sufficient network bandwidth allocated to the digital signs.  

  6. Think ahead, buy a solution to last for 3-5 years  

  7. Use a content strategy to engage your audience  

  8. Maintain the security of the system with regular security updates  


Good luck with your digital sign program! 

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